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Walking Therapy is just what it says, instead of sitting in an office we talk AND we walk. It combines professional psychotherapeutic support with moving the body in nature. Amongst the ancient trees this can be deeply calming and provide food for mind, body, spirit and soul. It can feel more relaxing and meditative. It encourages healthy activity for children, young adolescents and adults as it gets people ‘moving’ – both metaphorically and literally.

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu

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About Walking Therapy

Outdoor psychotherapy and counselling sessions on the large beautiful ancient Hampstead Heath, North West London. A unique eco-therapeutic approach in London.

Walking outdoors has many health benefits – we all know that! But walking about with your therapist?! It may seem a little unconventional and yet it’s something that has slowly gained more popularity with a handful of therapists with great results and feedback from clients.

Most people probably think of therapy as sitting in a small office opposite and head on with a therapist, which could be quite disconcerting at times. Walking with someone in nature side by side looking ahead can often be more productive and bring about change faster than traditional ways of working. It is useful for people in transition, grief, life crisis, and feeling stuck. Research has shown improvements in depression, anxiety, mood and self-esteem, grief and bereavement, among other things.

The act of walking forward can be in itself a metaphor for moving ahead, symbolising change and moving forward past difficult things particularly when we feel in a state of “stuckness”. Your therapist walks alongside you and with you, at your pace, outdoors. Combined in the beautiful outdoors surrounded by nature can be deeply calming, meditative and more grounding. It can be much more nourishing for body, mind and soul.


Lara Just 


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Hampstead Heath

London, NW3

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