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Walking Therapy

Walking therapy (or Walk & Talk therapy) means that instead of working online or sitting in an office we talk AND we walk. It combines professional psychotherapeutic support with moving the body in nature. Amongst the ancient trees this can be deeply calming and provide food for spirit and soul. It can feel often more relaxing and meditative. It encourages healthy activity for adolescents and adults, and it gets people ‘moving’ – both metaphorically and literally.

You will set the pace of the session. If you prefer to have a relaxing meditative stroll or prefer a more active, faster paced session – walking therapy sessions will match your pace.

There are some good reasons why incorporating walking and the outdoors into your psychotherapy programme:

  • Walking and therapeutic support in the outdoors in nature can be meditative and more grounding.

  • It is a good choice for people going through a crisis or life transition, have anxiety, are dealing with trauma or are experiencing some kind of loss or grief, as well as other challenges.

  • Research shows that physical activity can enhance both mental and physical health, and can reduce levels of depression and anxiety.

  • Walking encourages circulation and activates both parts of our brain synchronising both right and left hemispheres involved in logical rational thinking as well as the feelings and creative side.

  • Movement symbolically and literally is in itself a pro-active and more constructive way of dealing with issues and concerns that show us ways to overcome them.

  • Nature around provides us not only with beautiful calming views, but also brings up metaphors allowing to work with symbolism to find solutions and new perspectives.

What you need in preparation

Just bring good shoes and clothes matching the weather, e.g. a rain jacket. Make sure you are warm enough, but it depends on you. If your body warms up quickly with movement you may like to wear some layers to be able to adjust this. Umbrellas will be provided. Should the weather be too unforgiving on the day, the session can be re-arranged for an online session that day or week instead.

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