Hampstead Heath

London, NW3

Hampstead Heath (locally known simply as the Heath) is a large, ancient park in North West London, covering 320 hectares (790 acres). This beautiful vast green and wooded space allows many opportunities to walk and take a variety of routes. This could be just a shorter lunch time walk to clear the head, or have a longer conversation for a longer session.

It was first mentioned in history books as “Hemstede” in the 986. This grassy and woody public space is set on one of the highest points in London, running from Hampstead to Highgate. It is an island of beautiful countryside and its magic lies not only in its rich wildlife and extensive recreational opportunities, but also in its proximity to the people of London. It is easily accessible and only 6 kilometres from the city centre of London.

The green spaces of the Heath is a major attraction for Londoners, but relatively few visitors know much about this wonderful remnant of countryside in the centre of London. Hampstead is a district of great literary, artistic and thespian traditions, and former residents include Kingsley Amis, William Blake, John Constable, Ian Fleming, William Hogarth, John Keats, Anna Pavlova and Alfred Tennyson. Those traditions continue today, and Hampstead is the home of choice for many actors, musicians, writers and media personalities.

How to get there

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